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" I really enjoyed this leadership training because it was so relevant in my life at the moment...
Leadership Fast Track Student
Honolulu, HI
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"...enthusiastically engaged our staff as well as challenged them to seek their “own voice," and communicate what they perceived.   They are systemic thinkers and operate in a spirit of excellence.  The leadership training was flexible, interactive, and met the challenges of the position.  The coaching methods are personable, solution-driven, and forthright."

Soul de Cuba Café

Honolulu, HI

"... ably worked in collaboration with the Advancement Services, Alumni Relations, and Annual Giving areas of our Institutional Advancement staff to develop all areas of our new Phonathon program...(they) are distinctively enthusiastic, with sunny attitudes, and genuinely engaging personalities... (they) shine in the area of training and development for our student callers and  thoroughly prepares them for the difficult job of cold-calling our constituents, motivating them to perform their best while still keeping the job fun."

Chaminade University 

Honolulu, HI

We offer leadership programs with sound customer centric strategies that: 
  • Maximize your internal/external customer relationships
  • Cultivate synergistic returns
  • Improve tacit knowledge transfers
  • Take quality control to the next level

Professional Development

Relationships make the difference – especially  in this economic climate.  Strengthening relationships is what we do best – specializing in telephone and face-to-face customer service programs. We can help you solidify organizational culture with leadership training and coaching for every level of responsibility and venue of customer contact. 

Ask your constituents for gifts and watch them give! Our consultants are able to design and manage your campaign from conception to implementation.  We make sure all touch points clearly reflect your organization’s culture and meet your training program needs. 

Phonathon Consulting

Cultivate the character of responsibility as well as present your best, most authentic self.  Our training programs  thoroughly prepare students as they transition into self-suffiiciency through internship, education, and employment opportunities.  

Workforce Development


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Human Capital Training and Development is our Passion

" I hope that I am more intuitive, able to tap into my team,  and speak on an individual level that can inspire them to do great work after this leadership training... (and) inspire our customers to stay involved with our company ."
Leadership Fast Track Student
Honolulu, HI

Since 2008, we've helped organizations meet their goals, improve performance,  and strengthen internal and external customer relationships through our training programs. 

Working with at-risk or displaced populations?  We are skilled at creating a "level playing field,"  and our training programs are designed to assist students in:

  • Identifying their natural abilities
  • Building confidence
  • Applying concepts to their individual, peer, authority, and community relationships

We offer proven training and development strategies for:

  • Hiring, training, and supervising staff that reduce staff turnover and  improve tacit knowledge transfers
  • Strengthening constituent engagement
  • Improving data collection
  • Refining the ask